Benny Se Teo Opens The MeatHouse by 18Chefs


Benny Se Teo, founder of  18 Chefs, has opened a brand new halal restaurant, The MeatHouse. It is located at the revamped Century Square. Together with several fellow foodies, we went on a weekday night and enjoyed an amazing feast of  premium steak. Benny Se Teo Uses Premium Steaks Few places served a Tomahawk steak. Continue Reading

Homecook Hainanese Curry Rice By Eastcoastlife


Cooking an authentic Hainanese Curry Rice meal for a family gathering. Hainanese Curry Rice is not available in Hainan as it is a Singaporean dish. Several decades ago, a Hainanese cook working for a British family modified the pork chop dish to create our own Singapore version. He crushed some cracker biscuits and coated pork Continue Reading

Traditional Hainan Dessert – Chinese Yam Zhu Loot


Chinese yam dessert is a traditional snack in Hainan, commonly found in Qionghai. It is called “Zhu Loot” in Hainan. During the two weeks that I was back in my village on Hainan island, I was constantly amazed at the traditional Hainanese food that my sister-in-law prepared for us. She inherits the family dishes from Continue Reading

Traditional Hainanese Snack Jian Dui


Hainan Jian Dui (zhen dai 珍袋 in Hainanese) is a traditional snack. I was looking for this huge glutinous rice ball for a long time. Finally, I found this yummy delicacy when I was back home in Hainan. It is available in some restaurants in Haikou. The one I ate is an improved version of the Continue Reading

Hainan Chicken Poop Creeper 海南野生鸡屎藤


Hainan Chicken Poop Creeper (Paederia foetida) We were going to prepare a famous Hainanese dessert named Hainan Chicken Poop Creeper rice cakes (Kweh Dai Dean Bua). My sister-in-law sent her daughter-in-law and daughter to pick the wild chicken poop creeper  (Paederia foetida, also known as Chinese Fevervine herb) from a hill behind the village. I requested to tag Continue Reading