Eiah-Sae Hainanese Coffee Shop in Bangkok

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Eiah-Sae is probably the last authentic Hainanese coffee shop in Bangkok’s Chinatown.  I was very eager to find it when I arrived in Bangkok.
Searching for mouth-watering local foods is part of the fun of traveling. During my stay in Bangkok, I love trying out food recommendations from my Thai students and friends.

Waking up early one morning to hunt for the last authentic Hainanese coffee shop in Bangkok’s Chinatown was a tough task. Finding my way through the unexpected, bewildering maze of side streets make me break out into a sweat. And my hubby was going for an important meeting at Bangkok’s Central Business District in less than two hours’ time.

Fortunately, many of the passersby I stopped to ask for directions could speak Teochew. We finally found the last traditional Thai kopitiam (coffee shop) in Bangkok.

Eiah-Sae Hainanese Coffee Shop

Eiah-Sae Coffee Shop

I was quite hesitant to enter the coffee shop which is patronised mainly by older men, and the shop looked rather dingy. We were dressed in smart office attire and stuck out like sore thumbs. LOL

We found an empty table and I went to the counter to order our breakfasts. The menu shows the typical Hainanese kopitiam fare such as soft-boiled eggs (kai luak) and charcoal grilled toast with kaya (coconut egg jam). One can also choose condensed milk or sugar topping.

I was glad that the staff understand and speak Teochew because I can’t communicate in Thai language. hahaha…..

Eiah-Sae Coffee Shop 2

Eiah-Sae (Est. 1927) is a Teochew term meaning “benefits for a life time”. And the Thai words on the signboard states that its coffee is freshly-brewed daily.

I ordered black coffee, milk tea and their signature kaya toast. The aromatic black kao kao (thick) coffee is served authentic Thai style. A cup of free Chinese tea is served together with our coffee. Grateful for the Chinese tea because the coffee was too strong, the tea and kaya toast were too sweet. LOL

Eiah-Sae Coffee Shop 3

I was taking photos of the shop and struck up a conversation with the men sitting outside the shop. We communicated in Teochew, there was no native Thai customers. They were very kind to recommend me what to eat and interesting places to take photos in Yaowarat. Visiting Eiah-Sae was one of the ways to meet and engage with ordinary, local people.

As hubby was rushing to a meeting, we bade farewell and hurried off. Thanks to the detailed directions from the men, we were able to get to the main road fast.

Eiah-Sae Coffee Shop 4

Eiah-Sae Coffee Shop 益生

103-105 Thanon Phat Sai
Bangkok 10100
Tel: 02 221 0549
Open daily : 6am – 6pm



益生老店 (1927年开始营业)是曼谷唐人街一家老字号咖啡店。据说是曼谷最古老咖啡店之一。

一早去吃早餐, 咖啡店位于唐人街内耀华力路上, 好难找! 但咖啡店确实很出名,随便抓个路人问问,他们都知道方向。嘻嘻。。。

我一到门口几乎就丧失了进去的勇气, 店铺看上去很邋遢, 客人大部份都是一些老伯。

菜单就类似我们海南咖啡店的传统早餐, 如半熟蛋,咖啡,奶茶和炭烘吐司 (炼乳, 加椰, 撒糖)。里面的服务员不懂中文也不懂英文,还好我会讲潮州话。点了咖啡乌, 奶茶和炭烘加椰吐司, 服务员还免费提供两杯中国茶。这泰式咖啡很香但也太浓了吧, 奶茶和加椰超甜! 还好有中国茶。呵呵。。。

出国旅游, 难得体验一下这种很地道又特别的咖啡时光。

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