Fish Market in Pontian On A Sunday

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Fish wasn’t on my mind when I went to Pontian. I had to deliver some Chinese New Year festive goodies to my relatives in Pontian. A couple of my good friends were in Johor Bahru, so I arranged to have breakfast with at a local coffee shop in Pontian.

It was their first time eating in a crowded coffee shop in a small town. The local breakfast fare of free range eggs, kaya toast and aromatic coffee was a great draw for visitors. And on Sundays, there is a special treat of local snacks and cakes.

breakfast in Pontian

After our meal, we went to the nearby market to buy fresh seafood.

Fresh Fish Galore

Wow. There was so much fresh fish, and huge ones too. Upon entering the small wet market, we were greeted by loads of fish. The fishing boats had just arrived and there were men unloading boxes of seafood from the vessels.

I met a few local buyers who taught me how to select and differentiate between fish caught from the sea and those that are bred in ponds. Glad that I was able to learn from these kind gentlemen who have decades of experience buying seafood.

shovelnose guitarfish

There were some amazing finds at the stalls. One has a shovelnose guitarfish for sale. I thought that it was a small shark until my blogger buddy corrected me.


There was also a big stingray. The fishmonger told me that was not the largest he has sold. OMGosh. I look forward to seeing a gigantic stingray.

Buying Fish

My friends bought fish, cuttlefish and prawns. The fishmonger helped her clean her fish. He even acceded to her request of slicing the flesh thinly for a hotpot meal.

buying fish
The fishmonger did not allow us to choose the prawns, hence there were some mushy ones.

As it was near Chinese New Year, the prices were higher than usual. Although the seafood is fresh, I chose not to buy any. The prices was only slightly lower than in Singapore, not worth the long commute here for seafood.


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