Hainan Trip : Must Try Hainan Rice Noodles

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I fell in love with my bowl of Hainan Rice Noodles when I first visited Haikou. Hence, I would eat Hainan Rice Noodles whenever I visit Hainan. The noodles are called fen (粉) in Hainan. It’s a classic breakfast dish for the residents who love eating rice noodles in the morning.

There are coarse rice noodles and vermicelli-style rice noodles. The noodles can be stir-fried, served in a clear broth or with a gooey gravy. Various toppings like fried peanuts, pickled vegetables, meat slices, coriander, spring onion and sesame oil are added.

Hainan Rice Noodles

As there are ten cities in Hainan, every city has its own style of cooking the rice noodles. But some of the ingredients and seasonings may vary. The rice noodles that I like to eat are the following:

Hainan Rice Noodles in Qionghai

They are two types of Hainan Rice Noodles in Qionghai. One is a vermicelli-style rice noodles and the other is the flat rice noodles. Both are smooth in texture. They are cooked differently due to their thickness and shape.

Hainan Rice Noodles Yan Fen
The fine rice noodles are first cooked in hot water. Next, a starchy gravy is ladled over them before topping with fried peanuts, beef jerky, Chinese sausage, pickled vegetables.

Another way of serving the rice noodles is to stir-fry it. It tastes just as good.

Hainan Rice Noodle Soup

The flat rice noodles are cooked in a clear broth. This is because it is thick and doesn’t break easily. The noodles are served with green vegetables and meat slices only. It may look unappetising but the broth is flavourful and is a favourite with elderly people.

I myself prefer to eat this light, soupy dish when the weather turns cold, or when I am not feeling well.

Broad Hainan Rice Noodle

Residents of Hainan love their flat rice noodles so much that they can eat it for every meal. A friend treated me to a beef hotpot. However, rice noodles was served together with the tender beef slices.

At another dinner, fried rice noodles was served instead of steamed rice.

Lingshui Sour Rice Noodles

Hainan Lingshui Rice Noodles

On our way to Sanya, my friend stopped by this famous noodle stall in Lingshui. The lady boss and her family operated their business from her residence. People come from all over the island to eat their noodles. They sell a few hundred bowls of noodles a day.

They used vermicelli-style rice noodles. This dish tastes sour because of the sour gravy that is mixed with the noodles. What makes the noodles special are the toppings for this noodle, dried sand worms and bamboo shoots. Add some local yellow lantern pepper sauce to give it a little extra zing if you like it spicy.


到海南的旅客必吃的特色美食小吃 – 海南粉 (类似我们新加坡粗米粉)。海南粉有两种:一种是粗米粉,一种是细米粉。粗米粉配靓汤及多种佐料调制而成。配料有酸菜牛肉汤,以及一些葱花、炒花生等。




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