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My Hainanese hubby and son love eating my fried Hainanese chicken chop. It’s a simple dish which I could prepare in a jiffy. I often store chicken chops in my freezer, in case there is a sudden request for it.

As I used cracker crumbs for the crust, the chicken chop tastes crispier. Nowadays, food stalls do not serve traditional chops as it is more expensive to make due to the ingredients used. Also, it is more convenient and cheaper to use ready packed bread crumbs.

My son usually gets hungry in the evenings. Like the Korean housewives portrayed on TV, I would usually make some side dishes. I store them in my fridge for a quick meal or snack. There would be different types of side dishes. The most popular dish in my family is potato salad.

Whenever my son sees the chilled potato salad, he would request for fried Hainanese chicken chop. haha….. Potato salad goes well with my Hainanese Chicken Chop.

Hainanese chicken chop Hainanese_chx_chop3[1]

I have written down the recipe for the Hainanese pork chop. Please adjust the ingredients and seasoning according to your taste.

Hainanese Chicken Chop

2 pieces de-boned chicken thigh
10 pieces Hup Seng “Ping Pong” brand special cream crackers, finely crushed
2 eggs
Oil for deep frying

Marinade (at least 1 hour) :


1. Make slits on the de-boned chicken thigh if it is too thick or else the outer surface will be burnt and the inside is still raw.

2. Marinate chicken chop for at least an hour to get a more flavourful taste. Use salt and pepper to taste.

3. Crush cream cracker into fine crumbs on a shallow plate. Coat marinated chicken chops with beaten eggs, followed by cracker crumbs.

4. Heat enough oil in the wok to shallow fry chicken chops.

5. Fry the coated chicken chops until golden brown. Remove them and place on an oil blotter.

6. Serve it with steamed white rice or sides like potato salad and/or sour prune apple cubes. You can make a sweet and sour tomato sauce to pour over it.

Hainanese chicken chop Hainanese_chx_chop2[1]

This is how my son loves it  😀


海南老公和儿子都爱吃我的海南炸鸡扒。去骨的鸡腿肉裹上苏打饼干碎,吃起来酥脆, 很香。

去骨的鸡腿肉腌制最少一个小时后再沾鸡蛋涂均匀,最后裹上苏打饼干碎下油锅炸。这道简单又快的家常菜, 关键于火候的掌握,外表金黄为最佳。西式吃法, 炸鸡扒配沙律或淋上酸甜酱都很可口美味。再加一碗白饭!

potato salad 马铃薯沙律

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