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Cooking an authentic Hainanese Curry Rice meal for a family gathering. Hainanese Curry Rice is not available in Hainan as it is a Singaporean dish. Several decades ago, a Hainanese cook working for a British family modified the pork chop dish to create our own Singapore version. He crushed some cracker biscuits and coated pork chops with the crumbs. Next, he deep fried them to a crispy golden colour. The pork chops were juicy and tasted more delicious.

My family members requested for Hainanese Pork Chops and Chap Chye (mixed vegetables). As I was buying the ingredients to cook them, I thought why not cook a Hainanese Chicken Curry. They can ladle curry gravy over their rice.

Hainanese Curry Rice : Side Dishes

The traditional Hainanese Curry Rice must consist of these three dishes.

Hainanese Curry Rice side dish
Hainanese Chap Chye (mixed vegetables)

Stewed cabbage with tang hoon, black fungus, carrots and dried pork skin. It was flavoured with dried shrimps. My family members, young or old, love this dish. There is a vegetarian version without the crispy pork skin. This is a common dish in my family. It goes well with porridge too.

Hainanese Curry Rice side dish 2

Pork shoulder butt and cream crackers are used to make the delicious pork chops. Only a handful of Hainanese cooks in Singapore use cracker biscuit crumbs to coat the pork chop.

First, I marinated the pork chops for a day. The chops would still be juicy, as well as flavourful, after deep frying.

Hainanese Curry Rice side dish 3

I added gula melaka (palm sugar) and evaporated milk to improve the taste.

A tasty chicken curry with steamed rice or French loaf is a satisfying meal. The curry is ladled over steamed white rice.

Hainanese Curry Rice

Hainanese Curry Rice PhotoGrid_1469160493816[1]
Hubby’s super messy Hainanese curry rice!

The dishes were served together with a pot of Teochew braised pork. There were eggs, braised pork, dried beancurd puffs and pork skin in the pot. So we have the curry and dark soy sauce braised meat gravy. My hubby likes to smother his rice with both types of gravy. haha…..

As a Teochew, there is always a ready pot of braised pork at home. The elders in the family love to spoon the gravy over steamed rice or porridge. *smile*




我身为潮州人, 家里怎能没有卤味? 哈哈哈 。。。 海南咖喱饭的特色就是把咖喱汁和卤汁参在一起吃,但是吃起来却不会觉得怪怪的。

传统海南咖哩饭必备的菜肴 ~ 海南咖喱鸡、海南炸猪排、海南杂菜、卤汁卤味(卤肉、卤蛋、卤豆干、卤豆卜)。

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