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Qionghai is famous for its hot spring goose, also known as “Wenquan Goose”. I can’t get goose meat in Singapore, so whenever I return to Hainan, I will indulge myself. My relatives rear the famous Hainan hot spring goose in their backyards for their own consumption. They will always cook me a Hainan hot spring goose when I visit them.

One day, a clansman brought me out for lunch at a popular hot spring goose restaurant. It was located in a small lane but the restaurant was packed with diners. Alas, we could not get a table, so we had to order takeaway.

Hainan Hot Spring Goose Meat Restaurant

Hainan Hot Spring Goose Rice Balls

While the waitress was packing our orders, I had a peep of their kitchen. There was a huge cauldron where their famous goose rice balls were kept. After cooking the geese, the flavourful soup is used to cook rice. Each rice is individually wrapped in a plastic bag so customers don’t have to dirty their hands. Not many rice balls were left then. I noticed that every table had ordered the goose rice balls. We ourselves had ordered two goose rice balls.

Hainan Hot Spring Goose Meat Restaurant

Service was pretty fast. Plates of vegetables and meat were quickly served to hungry diners. The popular dishes are white braised goose, Jiaji duck, stir-fried leek with eggs, stir-fried yam stalks and braised brinjals. Their complimentary pickled mustard soup is popular too, but I dislike the MSG.

Hainan Hot Spring Goose meat Restaurant 2

Hainan Hot Spring Goose Meat

The meat is sold by weight and they still use the unit “kati”.  1 kati is 1000 g. We bought half a kati of Hainan hot spring goose, some goose liver and blood cakes.  The rice ball was yummy as the fluffy rice grains have absorbed the goose broth. They smell heavenly. But I think it was a bit too greasy. The dipping sauce for the hot spring goose meat was awesome.

Do go before meal times or else you will have to join the long queue.



因为招牌烧鹅和煎鹅肝都卖完了,我们就打包了半斤白切鹅肉,还加了鹅肝、鹅血和两个白切鹅饭团。这里的肉都是论斤算的。鹅肉细嫩,比较油腻。 但是很香很好吃,配的酱料也不错。赠送的酸菜汤很开胃。


这是受当地人认可的鹅肉店,很不错,经济卫生实惠 。



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