JB Durian Trip : Durians, Makan and Shopping

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We happily embarked on a durian trip to Johor Bahru (JB) on a cloudy Sunday morning. Surprisingly, it was smooth sailing at both the Singapore and Malaysia causeways on a Sunday. Within half an hour, we were at Bukit Indah to meet our friends for a delicious dim sum breakfast.

It was our first visit to Bukit Indah where there are many eateries and shopping malls. This dim sum restaurant was packed with diners on a Sunday morning. Their dainty dim sum was not only yummy, their service was fast and good. The four of us ordered ten items with hot beverages. There is a selection of local flavour ice creams which are free for diners. The total bill was RM83.

After a hearty breakfast, we went to Country Garden at Danga Bay. We have heard so much of the luxury apartments with resort like facilities. At one of the apartments, we were awed by the stunning 180 degrees of panoramic sea view overlooking the city skyline of Singapore.

Before meeting the Malaysian friend who was going to bring us to his friend’s durian stall, we went shopping at Aeon Tebrau City. It was a mega mall where many local residents and Singaporeans enjoy their shopping in JB. We had a tour of the mall before leaving for our durian meal.

Durian Trip : Tekka, XO and 88

It started raining and got heavier when we reached the durian stall in Taman Molek. Was told the durians came from the owner’s durian plantation. The Musang King durians were not good that day, so we didn’t buy any. Our Malaysian friend selected 6 durians for us. There were 2 durians each from the XO, Tekka and 88 variety. What an unique experience! Eating durians at a roadside stall on a rainy day!

Durian Trip JB

Love Tekka because it was the creamiest and most bitter. XO was yummy too as its bitter taste suits me. I prefer bitter durians to sweet ones like the 88 durians. The total bill of 6 durians for 5 people was RM390.

Durian Trip : Shopping

After dropping our Malaysian friend off, we returned to Taman Indah for more shopping at Aeon Bukit Indah. We spotted A&W and without much hesitation, ordered their Rootbeer Float and curly fries. How nostalgic! With a combined age of more than 200 years old between the four of us, we were like kids enjoying the Rootbeer Floats! haha…

Our friend brought us to a shop selling yummy biscuits and Malaysian snacks. We bought some biscuits and snacks as souvenirs for relatives and friends back home. Their freshly baked Heang Peah are very popular. Their flaky skins are crispy and aromatic. The sticky malt filling is a little too sweet though.

Durian trip : Massage

It was a tiring day so we decide to get a massage to relax our tired bodies. I opted for a Chinese traditional massage (Tui Na) with a Cupping  Therapy and Blood Letting. Oh my Gosh! It was painful and my back was bruised. But it was relaxing and provided some relief for my back aches and pelvic pain.

durian trip steamboat

Decided on a sumptuous steamboat dinner before returning back to Singapore. We ordered a pork bone soup base and was caught by surprise at its RM 25 charge price. Although there were four of us, we only ordered a set platter for two because we wanted to add an星期天other 4 side dishes. They did fill up our hotpot when we made a request for more soup.  We couldn’t finished the food. Total bill for the steamboat meal(4 pax) is RM114.



午后下着倾盆大雨,我们坐在路边榴莲摊吃竹脚、88和 XO榴莲,别有一番滋味。竹脚榴莲好苦,不过我喜欢。





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