Qionghai Traditional Snack : Leaf Dumplings


Villagers in Qionghai use readily available ingredients on their land to make traditional snacks. The most commonly used ingredient is coconut. They also use some edible leaves, roots and stems as ingredients.  Some of these traditional cakes are really delicious. The younger generation are not willing to learn the skill and find it a hassle to Continue Reading

Eastcoastlife’s Hainanese Chicken Curry


The Hainanese Chicken Curry is a famous Singaporean dish. I am so confident of my Hainanese Chicken Curry when I volunteered to cook it for a potluck party. What’s incredible was, the participants were 30 council members of a Hainanese clan. Of all the different types of chicken curry dishes out there, I chose to Continue Reading

Nasi Lemak Burger by McDonald’s Singapore


McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger is the newest addition to its menu in Singapore. I returned from an overseas trip to find so much excitement over this burger. Several friends who have tasted it, gave it the thumbs down. I did not want to taste it because I am trying to lose weight. Nasi Lemak Rice Continue Reading