Eiah-Sae Hainanese Coffee Shop in Bangkok


Eiah-Sae is probably the last authentic Hainanese coffee shop in Bangkok’s Chinatown.  I was very eager to find it when I arrived in Bangkok. Searching for mouth-watering local foods is part of the fun of traveling. During my stay in Bangkok, I love trying out food recommendations from my Thai students and friends. Waking up Continue Reading

Hainanese Pork Chop : Singapore Old School Version


I learnt to make Hainanese Pork Chop from my father-in-law. My family love a delicious pork chop which is tender on the inside and crusty outside. This traditional Hainanese pork chop is coated with cream cracker crumbs. Then it is deep fried. I learn this from my late father-in-law who was a talented cook. He Continue Reading

Hot Spring Goose Restaurant, Hainan Qionghai


Qionghai is famous for its hot spring goose, also known as “Wenquan Goose”. I can’t get goose meat in Singapore, so whenever I return to Hainan, I will indulge myself. My relatives rear the famous Hainan hot spring goose in their backyards for their own consumption. They will always cook me a Hainan hot spring goose Continue Reading

Hainan Trip : Must Try Hainan Rice Noodles


I fell in love with my bowl of Hainan Rice Noodles when I first visited Haikou. Hence, I would eat Hainan Rice Noodles whenever I visit Hainan. The noodles are called fen (粉) in Hainan. It’s a classic breakfast dish for the residents who love eating rice noodles in the morning. There are coarse rice Continue Reading

Qionghai Traditional Snack : Leaf Dumplings


Villagers in Qionghai use readily available ingredients on their land to make traditional snacks. The most commonly used ingredient is coconut. They also use some edible leaves, roots and stems as ingredients.  Some of these traditional cakes are really delicious. The younger generation are not willing to learn the skill and find it a hassle to Continue Reading

Edible Worms In Hainan – Peanut Worms


I was petrified when my sister-in-law served these edible worms for the first time. My village folks had kind intentions. They specially cooked a bowl of Peanut Worm (Sipunculus nudus) Soup for me as it was a cold wintry day. It had been raining for days in my hometown Qionghai. The night before, I was feeling Continue Reading