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As the Mid-Autumn Festival looms closer, I look forward to eating traditional Teochew mooncakes. The elders in my extended family like Teochew la piah (flaky lard pastries 潮州朥饼). I made a trip to Sze Thye Cake Shop to buy some mooncakes for my family.

Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It falls on 4th October this year.

Teochew Mooncakes: Handmade Teochew Pastries

Sze Thye Cake Shop sells traditional Teochew pastries and snacks. Owner Mr Koh Sun Liang was busy making traditional peanut snacks.  He has been making traditional Teochew pastries since he was 12.

Days before a major Chinese festival, I will visit him for his traditional pastries and snacks. For this Mid-Autumn festival, I am buying his delicious mooncakes which are available for three weeks yearly.


Teochew mooncakes 2

Teochew Mooncakes: Sweet and Savoury Teochew mooncakes

Besides the usual red bean paste flaky Teochew mooncakes, he also offers a yam and a durian paste versions. The most popular Teochew mooncakes are his Sweet and Savoury Teochew mooncakes. His la piah only lasts for two weeks as he does not put preservatives in them.


Teochew mooncakes 3

Sze Thye’s signature traditional shuang peng la piah (flaky pastry with sweet and savory filling 潮州双拼朥饼) is only available for the Mid-Autumn Festival. He does not make it on any other days.

The filling is a combination of sweet red bean paste and a savory one consisting of pork fat, winter melon candy, sesame seeds, tangerine peels and melon seeds.


Teochew mooncakes 4


Teochew Mooncakes : Teochew La Gor

Another seasonal item is his la gor (steamed glutinous rice flour cakes). He has steamed black sesame la gor and durian la gor. My family prefers the black sesame one.

Teochew mooncakes glutinous

Mr Koh brushes a layer of fragrant sesame oil on each cake before he hands it to his customers. Keep the cake at room temperature for up to 3 days only. Store it in the fridge to last for a few more days. To get the soft texture again, brush with sesame oil before steaming.

Do visit Mr Koh to buy his handmade authentic Teochew pastries and snacks at the following address.

Sze Thye Cake Shop
Address: Block 2 Beach Rd 01-4795 Singapore 190002


再过不久就是中秋节了, 我去四泰饼家买潮州朥饼。它是六十多年老字号。长辈们爱吃潮州朥饼, 我每年都很支持四泰饼家的许老板。为了弘扬潮州文化, 年近七旬的许大哥仍坚持以传统手工的做法制作潮州糕点美食; 糕点的材料、搭配都十分讲究。


还有富有南洋风味的潮州榴莲朥饼, 许大哥传统中求新意。我喜欢潮州传统芋泥朥饼。

潮州朥糕是逐渐失传的传统中秋食品。用猪油掺和糯米粉、白砂糖蒸出来的潮州传统朥糕, 肥而不腻。朥糕共有两种口味可选, 有榴梿口味的和黑芝麻的。中秋节前每天新鲜出炉。非买不可!


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